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    Child & Rescue Programme is offering opportunity to individuals and groups interested in carrying out voluntary work and internship in Uganda. We will empower and expose you to real hands on field experience in: Human Rights Activism, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Emergency Relief Delivery Program, Education Strategic Program HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy, Adolescent and Women’s Health, Support to self sustaining Income Generating Activities for women and young people, Contact us ...>>


Princess Diana Teenage Centre

2 years ago a government health facility serving the poorest of the poor at the periphery of the capital Kampala was closed for upgrading. Close to 400 young people who were accessing services every week including Read More ...

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Princess Diana Health Centre

Princess Diana Health Centre III is a private not for profit community health facility established by 18 year old Esther Nakajjigo to respond to the most pressing health needs of the most vulnerable urban poor women and girls although men also receive services Read More...

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About CC&RP

Photo 1Our Vision

"A world fit for children is a world good for all".

photo2Our Mission

To address the most pressing needs of the most vulnerable children, women and the young people living at the edge of survival in Uganda through research, advocacy, service  delivery, networking with other egencies and communities for sustained impact.

Photo 3Who we are

Child Care & Rescue Programme is a health and Humantarian organisation registered as charity in Uganda, Reg. No. S.5914/4945 in 2001

Our Work Principle

Go to the People
Live with them
Love them
Learn from them
Work with them
Start with what they have
Build on what they know
And in the end
When the work is done
The People will rejoice
The People will rejoice

“We have done it ourselves

Our Objectives PDF Print E-mail

Child Care & Rescue Programme runs two perspective programs.

Health Strategic Program


• Capacity building through imparting life planning and saving skills using the peer to peer approach.

• To minimize the incident of STDs, STI, HIV/AIDS among in and out of school young people and rehabilitation of children living with AIDS.

• To provide behavioral change communication and community activities to promote best practices through music, dance, drama, video shows, sports and recreation.

• To provide free family planning services including counseling, condoms and pills to avoid unplanned pregnancies and STIs among women and young people.

• To minimize risks of unsafe abortions among women and young people through provision of Emergency Contraception services.

• To provide free basic medical treatment to clients at the centre and confidential counseling and testing for STDs and HIV.

Integrated Humanitarian Program.


• Peace building and Conflict Resolution

• Implement the Emergency Relief Delivery Program.

• Implement the Education Strategic Program

• HIV/AIDS prevention strategy among internally displaced children, women and young people.

• Supporting self sustaining income generation and poverty alleviation programs for women and young people.

• Hope restoration.

Partnerships: Child Care & Rescue Programme has mandate to partner with government through line ministries, local and international NGOs, C,B.Os, C.S.Os, F.B.Os, the community who share a common goal to effectively deliver services to those who need them.