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Unintended Pregnancy and induced Abortion Campaign PDF Print E-mail

Photo 5 Strengthening coordination of unintended pregnancy and induced abortion activities among women and young girls in Uganda.

Strengthening coordination of unintended pregnancy and induced abortion activities among women and young girls in Uganda.
Problem to be addressed.

In Uganda, as in many parts of the world, when abortion is clandestine, as it generally is, it is often unsafe and it can entail serious physical risk for women. Complications like infection, hemorrhage, septic shock and abdominal injury are very common among women and girls of reproductive age. In the long run, chronic problems such as pelvic infection, ectopic pregnancy and infertility occur.

How project fits in organization’s mission and goals.
Reducing unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortions in Uganda lies entirely well in the priorities of Child Care & Rescue Programme of contributing towards the creation of an enabling environment that fosters women and young girls sexual and reproductive health rights through capacity building, service delivery and advocacy.

Specific Strategies and activities to address the problem
Interventions will contribute to informed and open public discussion about unwanted pregnancy, unwanted birth and unsafe abortion and the burden it places on women and girls, families and Uganda’s population and health care system. Little is still known about the magnitude of the problem or even the number of women in Uganda who have induced abortions because it is illegal.

Direct outcomes.

- Number of women who can articulate 3 dangers of unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortions.
- Unintended Pregnancy and Unsafe abortions concern highlighted on the Health Planners priority list.
- Members of Parliament reporting to house about the community concerns on unintended pregnancy.
- Health Planners brought on board during project implementation. - National Family Planning Technical Committee brought on board during implementation.
- In-charges of the 4 model health units brought on board during implementation.
- Stock stores of the 4 model health units with regular birth control pills and Emergency Contraceptives.
- Sensitization of students in secondary school on unintended pregnancy through talk shows.
- Sensitization of women and girls in the Community on unintended pregnancy through outreaches.
- USD 86,779 raised to support this 3 year project from 2008-2011. - Donor convinced to extend grant period from 1 year to at least 3 years.
- Brush Foundation supports CC&RP to establish additional sources of funding to meet the 3 year project objectives.
- Capacity building workshops for health service providers in the 4 health units held - Refresher w/shops for community peer educators held.