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2 years ago a government health facility serving the poorest of the poor at the periphery of the capital Kampala was closed for upgrading. Close to 400 young people who were accessing services every week including Read More ...

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Princess Diana Health Centre III is a private not for profit community health facility established by 18 year old Esther Nakajjigo to respond to the most pressing health needs of the most vulnerable urban poor women and girls although men also receive services Read More...

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Sexual Exploitation and Gender-based Violence Action PDF Print E-mail

Integrated Response to Sexual Exploitation and gender-based violence among vulnerable girls in the war ravaged Northern Uganda


The tragic aspects of the 20 years old civil war in Northern Uganda were regarded by the United Nations as the “world’s most neglected humanitarian crisis”.This conflict has forced the vulnerable and innocent women and girls become part of the conflict as the coerced sexual partners of the rebels and at times government troops. Much as reproductive health rights are God given, to the girls and women caught up in war and conflict in Northern Uganda, it is more of a myth. Pressure is exerted on girls and women to engage in unwanted sex, mostly with older men, as a survival strategy. Although no statistical data is available, many women are reported to have been raped or taken by force as sex slaves after being abducted by the LRA rebel group.

“He forced me to have unprotected sex with him even after he became sick.
My husband would beat and slap me
when l refused. I never used a condom with him….. On my return, l realized l was pregnant,
I went for antenatal check-up. When l gave birth, the child passed away, they told me l had AIDS. I cried. The doctor told me:
wipe your tears, the world is sick.’ ” Daphne,14 Acholi Pii. (former abductee)


* To reduce stigma surrounding SGBV among young girls in the war torn Northern Uganda.
* To provide integrated and comprehensive services to individual needs of SGBV survivors.
* To strengthen capacity of communities and district authorities to prevent and appropriately respond to sexual and gender based violence affecting women and young girls.
* To advance knowledge on sexual and reproductive health to young girls through family life education activities.