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Princess Diana Teenage Centre

2 years ago a government health facility serving the poorest of the poor at the periphery of the capital Kampala was closed for upgrading. Close to 400 young people who were accessing services every week including Read More ...

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Princess Diana Health Centre

Princess Diana Health Centre III is a private not for profit community health facility established by 18 year old Esther Nakajjigo to respond to the most pressing health needs of the most vulnerable urban poor women and girls although men also receive services Read More...

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• The Ministry of Health at the policy level is very supportive of the program and EC in particular; trouble comes from the district and divisions which handle requisitions addressed to the National Medical Stores. They take very long to be responded to

One Love, One Heart Project for Internally Displaced women and young people in Northern Uganda

Organizational Background
Main Goal
Child Care & Rescue Programme (CC&RP)
To protect and safe guard reproductive and sexual health and rights as well as uplifting the social status of women and young people in Uganda enabling them live a proper reproductive and sexual life free from STDs/STIs and HIV/AIDS through empowerment and strengthening links to advocacy, access to quality services and correct up to date information. Professional Girls Association of Uganda (PGAU)

To build a strong professional body of skilled young girls in Uganda to respond rapidly to the most pressing needs of vulnerable women and girls in less privileged communities in Uganda.

The poorest of the poor, need of the needy children, women, adolescents and young people with limited access to the basic social needs and those whose rights are threatened.

Past Activities
a) Established the first ever consortium of advocates and consumers of EC in Uganda in 2003 in partnership with the Association of Uganda Women Medical Doctors (AUWMD) funded by the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health (PIWH).
b) Established in 2002 the Children’s Special Program for Northern Uganda which at the 1st International Conference for Children on Peace in Northern Uganda became the New Partnership for Children Against Violent Conflict in Northern Uganda (NEPCAVIC) supported by the children of Uganda in the “safer regions”.

c) Established in 2001 the Adolescent Friendly Reproductive Health Services Project (AFREHP) advancing sexual and reproductive health rights of young people in Uganda.

Present Activities

a) Consolidation, Strengthening and Expansion of the Consortium of Advocates and Consumers of EC in Uganda funded by the Compton Foundation Inc.

b) The “One Love, One Heart” Project for internally displaced women and young people in the war devastated northern Uganda region.

c) The “Humanitarian Appeal 2005” bringing a hope of life to those living at the edge of survival in Uganda.

Project Rationale (Why is this project important?)

The intensity of both domestic and sexual violence against young girls and women in the region requires a basic needs assessment to coordinate appropriate interventions in service delivery for Emergency Contraception among internally displaced communities in northern Uganda. However this is a dream far beyond our reach if the policy is not very clear in Uganda and not supportive making clients suspicious and causing a lot of controversy among the population in Uganda hence the need to address policy first. This will pave way for Emergency contraception to be mainstreamed through already established health facilities like family planning systems, which is cost effective and time saving.

This in turn will form a firm foundation for a rapid increase in awareness among the population as regards the service making it easier for service providers to perfectly do their job with minimal interference from the opposition as beneficiaries will already have secured confidence in the service.

In the end, when all these are in place, we shall be able reach almost every woman and young girl living at the edge of survival in the war torn northern Uganda as it is on record that they need the service more than any other person elsewhere in world.

What contribution will it make?

A needs assessment will give us a starting point which shall be the baseline to be able to measure impact at the end of the project however small or big, which is very important. Research findings too are very important in improving the project in future and sharing experience with other duty bearers.

A supportive policy will make EC more popular among the population, this will reduce on resources injected into mass sensitization and mobilization, and concentration therefore shall be on providing the service itself.

In the end, we shall improve the quality of life for women and young girls engulfed in conflict by empowering their right to choose living a life free from abuses, coercion, un safe abortions, as well as unwanted pregnancies and births.

How Project fits into long-term goals

Documenting findings on women and young girls’ health is one of our priorities, therefore this research shall be very important in revealing to us where we have come from, how to manage the present, and effectively plan for the future as well as for networking purposes and information sharing and advancing health.

Improving, strengthening and advancing women and young girls’ sexual and reproductive health life is why we exist and all activities under this project are favourably designed to achieve this.